How to Get to La Girelle Small Hostel in Marseille

How to Get to La Girelle Small Hostel in Marseille

Located at 9 Rue Théophile Boudier, 13009 Marseille, La Girelle Small Hostel is easily accessible by various modes of transportation. Whether you’re traveling by car, bike, foot, airplane, boat, or even helicopter, we’ve got you covered with all the practical information you need to reach us comfortably.

By Car

Driving to La Girelle is straightforward. From the city center, take the Boulevard Michelet and follow signs to Mazargues. Turn onto Boulevard de la Concorde and then onto Rue Emile Zola. Finally, turn left onto Rue Théophile Boudier. Parking is available nearby.

By Bike

Marseille is a bike-friendly city with many bike lanes. You can cycle to La Girelle from various parts of the city. Secure bike parking is available near the hostel. Use the city’s bike-sharing service, Le Vélo, for a convenient and eco-friendly travel option.

On Foot

For those who enjoy walking, La Girelle is accessible by foot from several key locations in Marseille. The scenic route from the Vieux-Port takes you through some of Marseille’s most charming neighborhoods.

By Public Transport

Getting to La Girelle from the Saint-Charles Train Station:

Before 11 pm:

  1. Go to the first level of the subway and take Metro Line 2 to Rond-Point du Prado.
  2. Then take Bus 21 to the ‘Obelisque’ stop or Bus 22 to the ‘Robespierre’ stop.
  3. From ‘Obelisque’, walk along Boulevard de la Concorde, turn left onto Rue Emile Zola to reach Place Robespierre. Take a right onto Rue de la Tour and then left onto Rue Théophile Boudier. Look for number 9.

After 11 pm:

  1. Go to the first level of the subway and exit to the right to the bus stops.
  2. Take the night bus 521 to the ‘Obelisque’ stop.
  3. Follow the same walking directions as above from ‘Obelisque’.

Bus Lines in Marseille

  • Centre-ville (Downtown)
    • Bus Line 82: Connects various parts of the city with the downtown area, including major stops like the Vieux Port.
    • Metro Line 1: Essential for accessing key downtown locations from various parts of Marseille.
  • Plage (Beach)
    • Bus Line 83: Runs from the Vieux Port to the beaches, including Plage des Catalans and Prado Beaches.
    • Bus Line 19: Connects the city center with Prado Beach and continues to other beach areas.
  • Calanques
    • Bus Line 22: Provides access to the Calanques de Sugiton, departing from the Luminy campus.
    • Bus Line 24: Another option that also reaches the Calanques, with services to Sormiou and Morgiou.
    • Bus Line B1: Replaces the former Line 21, serving key areas towards the Calanques.
  • Cassis
    • Bus Line 78: Directly connects Marseille (from Castellane) to Cassis, traveling via La Gineste road, which offers beautiful scenic views.

Night Bus Lines in Marseille

  • Bus Line 521: Replaces the B1 line at night, connecting Saint-Charles train station to Luminy and key areas along its route.
  • Bus Line 533: Serves the areas between Saint-Charles and various northern districts during the night.
  • Bus Line 582: Covers routes between Canebière Bourse and the southern parts of the city at night.

By Airplane

From Marseille Provence Airport (MRS), take the shuttle bus to Saint-Charles Train Station. From there, follow the public transport directions above to reach La Girelle.

By Boat

For those arriving by boat, the Marseille Ferry Terminal is well connected to the city center. From the terminal, take a taxi or public transport to reach La Girelle. The metro and bus routes outlined above will guide you from the city center to our hostel.

By Helicopter

Helicopter transfers are available to Marseille Provence Airport or directly to a nearby helipad. From there, you can take a taxi or use the public transport options to reach La Girelle.

By Submarine, Airship, or Parachute

Feeling adventurous? While not the most conventional methods, why not consider arriving in style:

  • Submarine: Navigate the underwater routes of the Mediterranean and dock at one of Marseille’s marinas. From there, a quick taxi ride will bring you to La Girelle.
  • Airship: Float gently over the city and take in the stunning views. Land in a spacious park (with permission, of course), and you’ll be just a short journey away from our hostel.
  • Parachute: For the truly daring, jump out of a plane and parachute down to a safe landing spot in Marseille. After that exhilarating experience, relax and unwind at La Girelle.


No matter how you choose to travel, reaching La Girelle Small Hostel is easy and convenient. We look forward to welcoming you to our cozy and friendly hostel in the beautiful city of Marseille. For any additional assistance with directions or transportation options, feel free to contact us. Safe travels!