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Getting to ‘La Girelle‘ from the train station Saint-Charles:

Before 11 pm :

  • Go to the first level of the subway and take the metro line 2 to the Rond Point du Prado.
  • Then take the Bus 21 to the ‘Obelisque’ or the 22 to the stop ‘Robespierre’.

After 11 pm :

  • Go to the first level of the subway and go out on the right to the bus stops.
  • Take the night bus 521 to the ‘Obelisque’.
  • From ‘Obelisque’, take the Boulevard de la Concorde, at the end the Rue Emile Zola to the left. Now we are on the Place Robespierre. Take the right Rue de la Tour and at the end the Rue Théophile Boudier. Well, it rests 20 metres of looking for number 19.

The way from the bus station takes about 3 minutes.

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If you take a Taxi, please ask always for the price first (should be about 20 €). Give the driver our adress and don’t say ‘Hostel’ or ‘Bed and Breakfast’ – otherwise he’ll bringe you elsewhere and then the discussion is long

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