Backpackers in Marseille: Discover La Girelle, the Ideal Hostel

Backpackers in Marseille: Discover La Girelle, the Ideal Hostel

Marseille, with its rich cultural heritage, stunning coastal landscapes, and vibrant atmosphere, is a favorite destination for backpackers from around the world. For those seeking friendly and affordable accommodation, La Girelle is the perfect hostel to explore this fascinating city and its surroundings. Discover why La Girelle is the ideal place for budget travelers.

Why Choose Marseille for Your Backpacking Adventure?

Marseille is a city that combines history, culture, and nature. With its sunny beaches, lively markets, and historic neighborhoods, there is always something to discover. Backpackers will particularly enjoy the numerous hiking trails, water sports, and cultural visits accessible by foot or public transport.

The Advantages of La Girelle for Backpackers

  • Affordable Prices: La Girelle offers competitive rates, perfect for budget travelers.
  • Friendly Atmosphere: Meet other travelers and share your experiences in a warm and welcoming environment.
  • Ideal Location: Situated in the heart of Marseille, La Girelle provides easy access to major tourist attractions, public transport, and local amenities.
  • Practical Facilities: Enjoy our communal kitchen, free WiFi, relaxation areas, and more.

Must-Do Activities for Backpackers in Marseille

During your stay in Marseille, don’t miss:

  • The Old Port: Stroll along the Old Port and discover its typical markets and restaurants.
  • Notre-Dame de la Garde: Climb up to this iconic basilica for a panoramic view of the city.
  • The Calanques: Explore the hiking trails and hidden coves of this spectacular national park.
  • Le Panier: Wander through this historic neighborhood with its picturesque streets and unique street art.

Prepare for Your Stay at La Girelle

Whether you’re a solo traveler or in a group, La Girelle offers everything you need for a pleasant and memorable stay. Our comfortable rooms, backpacker-friendly services, and central location make it the ideal hostel to discover Marseille.


For backpackers, Marseille is a destination rich in discoveries and adventures. By choosing La Girelle, you benefit from friendly and affordable accommodation, ideally located to fully enjoy everything the city has to offer. Book your stay today and start your Marseille adventure with us.

For more information on our accommodations or to book your stay at La Girelle, contact-us.