History of Mazargues, A Historic Quarter in the Heart of Marseille

History of Mazargues, A Historic Quarter in the Heart of Marseille

Mazargues, located in the 8th and 9th districts of Marseille, is a neighborhood rich in history and culture. From its medieval roots to its role in the modern history of Marseille, this area offers a captivating window into the past. Discover the charms of Mazargues with us and why to choose La Girelle hostel for your stay in this fascinating region.

Origins and Development of Mazargues

The Medieval Beginnings

Mazargues was first mentioned in 1096 as Valley of Marsanges, and its name has evolved through the centuries to its current appellation. Historically, it was a strategic path linking the center of Marseille to the coastline, making this neighborhood vital for trade and communication.

The Modern Era and Changes

Over the centuries, Mazargues has been home to several noble families, including the Ornano and Grignan families. The Mazargues Castle, though burned down in 1789, was a symbol of aristocratic presence in the region. The village was also a center for fishermen and farmers, with activities such as manufacturing scourtins and espadrilles, demonstrating the ingenuity and adaptability of its residents.

Monuments and Historical Sites

The Church of Notre-Dame du Mont Carmel

Built in 1845 and consecrated in 1851, the Notre-Dame du Mont Carmel church is an architectural gem designed by Pascal Coste. It perfectly illustrates the neoclassical style and remains an important place of worship and a landmark for both residents and visitors.

The Mazargues Roundabout and Its Obelisk

The Mazargues roundabout is dominated by an obelisk moved from Place Castellane. Originally erected in 1811, this obelisk was relocated in 1910 and remains a historical symbol of continuity and change in Marseille.

Discover Mazargues Today

Mazargues today is a vibrant mix of history and modernity. Visitors can explore its quiet streets, discover local shops, and enjoy Provencal cuisine in traditional restaurants. For those looking to explore Marseille, Mazargues offers easy access to sites such as the Calanques National Park and the dynamic city center of Marseille.

Why Choose La Girelle for Your Stay?

Located in the heart of Mazargues, La Girelle is a welcoming hostel that offers travelers modern comfort with traditional charm. Whether you are a backpacker seeking adventure or a digital nomad looking for a peaceful haven, La Girelle offers:

  • Direct access to the Calanques and the beach
  • Proximity to the city center and the Stade Vélodrome
  • Modern amenities including WiFi, a shared kitchen, and more

By staying at La Girelle, you will experience an authentic Marseille experience, far from traditional tourist circuits. We will help you organize your days with suggestions for activities such as hiking, kayaking, and snorkeling dives.

Explore the history, culture, and natural beauty of Marseille by staying in Mazargues, with La Girelle as your home away from home.
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