Security and Serenity: Why Stay in Southern Marseille

Security and Serenity: Why Stay in Southern Marseille

Planning a trip to Marseille but concerned about safety and peace? Discover the many advantages of choosing accommodation in the south of the city, away from the hustle and bustle of the downtown area, which is sometimes known to be intense and noisy.

Avoid the Crowded and Noisy Downtown Area

While downtown Marseille is attractive for its many cultural and historical sites, it is often critiqued for its busyness. By choosing to stay in southern Marseille, you’ll enjoy a quieter and more secure setting, ideal for a relaxing vacation or a hassle-free business trip.

Benefits of Southern Marseille

  • Less Crowded: In the morning, the tourist areas downtown can be particularly crowded. In the south, you’ll enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere.
  • Increased Safety: The southern region is renowned for being safer, allowing you to relax fully during your stay.
  • Direct Access to the Sea and Beaches: Nothing beats being able to reach the beach in just a few minutes for a morning swim or a soothing sunset.
  • Close to the Calanques: The famous Calanques are quickly accessible from the south, perfect for spectacular natural getaways.

Transportation and Accessibility

Concerned about mobility? Southern Marseille is well served by public transport, with bus and metro options that easily connect you to the rest of the city, including downtown, even during late hours.


Choosing accommodation in southern Marseille offers you tranquility, security, and direct access to the region’s natural beauties. Whether you’re looking for peace after a day of sightseeing or want to explore the peaceful surroundings, southern Marseille is the ideal option.

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