From La Girelle to Morgiou Calanque

From La Girelle to Morgiou Calanque

What is the Morgiou Calanque ?

Created in 2012, the Calanques Natural Park, where is located the Morgiou Calanque, is the first peri-urban national park in Europebeyond its extraordinary landscapes, you’ll find a wide diversity of flora and fauna both on land and in the sea.


Its beauty attracts more than 3 million visitors every year, especially during the summer season. The Calanques is the perfect place for hiking or for trailIt is also the terrain of the GR98-51 which connects Marseille to Cassis. If you like treks, this is for you!

If you like rock climbing, and bouldering, there is also a lot of spots for this !

You will understand that the calanques is a little paradise for all the outdoor sports lovers. 



To define the term “Calanque”, it’s a cove surrounded by rocky outcrops. Thus, the Calanques National Park has many such creeks, including “Morgiou”, which is the name of the closest calanque from La Girelle small hostel.


Did you know that ?

In the past, fishwives came to collect fish from the cove on donkeys, to transport it to the town. This is why certain years, in their honor, “Donkey Day” is celebrated by the inhabitants of the cove.

How to go to Morgiou Calanque ?

From the Small hostel La Girelle, you first have to go to “Obélisque de Mazargues” where you can take the bus B1 going to “Luminy PN Calanques”. My advice is to get off the bus at “Luminy Kedge” stop and then you just have to take the walking itinerary to go to Morgiou Calanque :

We suggest to take the 56min. itinerary from “Luminy PN Calanques” to “Plage Sauvage de Morgiou” because the landscapes are better by this way. Moreover, if you are lucky, you can see some boars crossing the trails. There are quite a few of them around the trails ! But be careful, do not bother them because these animals can be dangerous if they feel threatened.

La Girelle Small Hostel's advices :

If you want to go to the Morgiou Calanque, here are some recommendations : 

– Wear some walking shoes (for hiking or trails for example) because the paths are rocky, so you need cushioning shoes. 

– Beware: if it’s rainy, trails can be slippery. So be careful while descending. 

– If it’s sunny and hot don’t forget to bring 1.5L water, hat, sunscreen, a towel and your swimwear !


The Calanques National Park rules :

The Calanques Natural Park is a preserved area. To protect the ecosystem, there is some rules to respect like :

Drones are forbidden
Camping is not allowed
Keep your garbage with you
Don't make any fire or barbecue

If you need more informations about the different laws and restrictions, you can visit the Calanques National Park website by clicking on the link.

Moreover, from June 1 to September 30, access to the Calanques may be restricted in case of fire risk. Every day, between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m., the prefectural services assess and communicate the state of the fire risk massive by massive for the next day.

Before your visit, you can downald the app Mes Calanques or consult this map for real-time information.

If the area you wish to visit is green or yellow, access is permitted. But in case of a red day, it is prohibited to travel to the national park by land.

Now you are ready to go to Morgiou ! So Enjoy your visit and if you want to see more things to do around La Girelle Small Hostel, get a look on our blog 😉